CACT delivers national programme to help smokers quit for good

Charlton Athletic Community Trust's (CACT) stop-smoking team spoke to hundreds of Greenwich residents about quitting cigarettes as part of the NHS’s Stoptober campaign.

The advisors were all over Greenwich through the whole of last month to make smokers in the borough aware of the 28-day challenge to quit during the month of October.  

Free, one-to-one support, lung age tests and carbon monoxide readings were given, as well as lots of information and advice on how to stay smoke free.

Once someone signs up to the service, they are given flexible, tailored-made support plans as a quitting journey is different for everyone.

Carol Regan, from Charlton, decided to start using the service after seeing the advisers while out shopping. She said: “I fobbed them off at first but after a while I decided to sign up as I had been thinking about quitting.

“It’s gone brilliantly. It’s so nice to hear someone say ‘well done’ for what I’m doing and great to be able to tell them how much better I’m feeling; that my taste and smell senses are returning. 

“I’m also asthmatic, but over the past couple of days I’ve realised the horrible cough I used to wake up with every morning has almost gone. To be able to say these things out loud and receive praise for that really spurs me on.” 

Research shows that if you give up smoking for four weeks, you are five times more likely to quit for good. So if you missed us during Stoptober and would like our help to quit, get in touch via the details below!


Phone: 0800 470 4831
Text: QUIT to 60060

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