Global Football Partners (GFP) completed its purchase of Charlton Athletic Football Club and Charlton Athletic Women’s Football Club on July 21st, 2023.

GFP, which made the acquisition via its UK subsidiary SE7 Partners, is made up of seven shareholders with 5%+ each (detailed below). Those shareholders sit on GFP’s Board of Directors, along with Finance Director Ed Warrick and Sporting Director Simon Lenagan. GFP also has a small number of shareholders whose holdings are less than 5% each.

GFP shareholders with 5%+ each: Gabriel Brener and family, Joshua Friedman and family, Warren Rosenfeld and family, ACA Football Partners, Munir Javeri, Marc Boyan, Charlie Methven


Gabriel Brener and family

Joshua Friedman and family

Warren Rosenfeld and family

ACA Football Partners

Munir Javeri

Charlie Methven

Marc Boyan

Board of Directors:

Managing Director: James Rodwell (Chairman)

Group Finance Director: Ed Warrick

Technical Director: Andy Scott

Non-Executive Director: Paul Elliott CBE MBE

Non-Executive Director: Gavin Carter

Senior Staff

Men's First-Team Manager: Nathan Jones

Women's First-Team Head Coach: Karen Hills

Academy Director: Steve Avory

Club Secretary: Ron Dangerfield


Club Ambassadors: Keith Peacock, Chris Parkes


For supporters' queries, please email

Fan Advisers: Lucy Bishop, Lewis Catt -

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