Season Ticket Terms & Conditions

The following terms and conditions, and the ground regulations displayed in the stadia, govern the use of the 2024/25 season ticket.

They define the relationship between the club (Charlton Athletic Football Company Ltd/Charlton Athletic Women's Football Company Limited) and the season-ticket holder (the person named on the 2024/25 season ticket), and this takes precedence over all and any previous versions. Use of the season ticket shall be deemed to constitute acceptance of these terms and conditions and ground regulations. 

1. The purchase of the season ticket entitles the holder to attend each men’s first-team home league fixture played at The Valley during the 2024/25 season. Entry to cup matches, play-offs, testimonials and friendlies, as well as other events held at the ground, are not permitted via the use of the season ticket. 

2. Supporters aged 65 or over on August 1st, 2024 who are classed as senior concessions, and applicants aged under 11, under 18, under 21 or students, will be entitled to a discounted ticket. Proof of age must be given in the form of a birth certificate or passport, while students must provide a valid student ID that covers the whole season. The club reserve the right to obtain this information from existing season-ticket holders who have a discounted ticket and have not shown proof of age previously. All prices include VAT at the appropriate rate.

 3. For purchases in the family areas, for every junior ticket purchased, up to two adult, senior concession or U21 tickets can accompany. 

4. Season tickets are NON-transferrable. Should a season-ticket holder not be available to attend a match and wish a colleague/friend to attend, the season-ticket holder is to contact the Ticket Office, who will arrange for a paper ticket to be collected or send via email. This arrangement cannot be processed on a matchday. The season-ticket holder shall be deemed responsible for the behaviour of the third party using the paper ticket.

5. Transferring a season ticket to a supporter of a visiting team is not permitted. Any supporter who facilitates such an admission to The Valley is liable to have their season ticket cancelled without compensation. 

6. The club will allow a concessionary ticket to be upgraded on three separate occasions throughout the season. The season-ticket holder shall be deemed responsible for the behaviour of the third party using the paper ticket. 

7. If a supporter wishes to transfer their season ticket for a particular match to another part of the stadium then this transaction will be charged the necessary upgrade fee and must be completed at least 24 hours prior to kick-off. 

8. Season tickets are not to be sold privately or through any third-party website or seller. 

9. For evening kick-offs where an U11 season-ticket holder in the family area is unable to attend, the accompanying adult/concession/U21 can transfer their seat and upgrade the U11 season ticket to another part of the ground. 

10. The club cannot guarantee that a match will take place at a particular date/time or venue. The club will make every effort to make supporters aware of any changes to first-team fixtures. 

11. In the event of rescheduling, postponement or abandonment of a match, the club will have no liability in respect of season-ticket holders who incur consequential loss or damage such as (but not limited to) loss of enjoyment or travel costs. 

12. Season tickets remain the property of the club and must be available for inspection at any time. As such, the club reserves the right to cancel or withdraw the season ticket if the holder does not comply with its ground regulations. 

13. If a specified seat is unavailable for use due to a club decision or an intervention by the licensing authority or governing body, the club will make every reasonable effort to relocate the supporter. 

14. The club accepts no liability whatsoever if the seat to which this season ticket refers is affected by adverse weather conditions or if the view therefrom is affected by pillars or other structural apparatus, and the acceptance of this season ticket implies full recognition of this condition by the holder. 

15. Should a season ticket be forgotten and need to be replaced, the club will charge £3 for a replacement fixture ticket. A lost/damaged card will be replaced for a fee of £10. This is a non-refundable charge. 

16. Online bookings are subject to a £1.50 transaction fee. 

17. Telephone bookings are subject to a £2.50 transaction fee. 

18. The club does not accept responsibility for stolen season tickets. Should a season ticket be stolen then it must be reported to the club immediately. The season ticket may be replaced at the discretion of the club - a £10 admin fee may still be applicable. 

19. It is the responsibility of the season-ticket holder to arrive at the stadium on time. Refunds will not be given if a season ticket holder arrives late for a fixture. This includes (but is not limited to) problems with transport. 

20. Purchases made on or after March 21st, 2024 shall have no right to cancel their season ticket after that date. The club relies upon the exception under Reg. 6 (2) (b) of the Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations 2000, under which there is no cooling off period following an applicant’s acceptance. 

21. Season-ticket holders must sit in their designated seat. Any supporter found to be seated in a different area from the seat indicated on their ticket will be liable to have their season ticket confiscated without compensation. 

22. It is the responsibility of the season-ticket holder to inform the club in writing of any changes of address/contact numbers or email address. These details can be amended via our online service or by emailing the club at

23. Valley Gold members who have paid their subscriptions for the past six months or have paid annually in advance are entitled to qualify for a discount against their season ticket renewal.

24. The club reserves the right to refuse admission to anyone in dispute with the club, if this dispute is ongoing and has been for 14 days or more. 

25. Any promotional competitions that may be offered to season-ticket holders are not open to employees of Charlton Athletic and their families. 

26. Ambulant/wheelchair season-ticket holders can apply for a free personal assistant ticket. Ambulant supporters must be on middle-rate mobility allowance. Senior concessions in receipt of attendance allowance. Proof of eligibility is required upon application. The club reserve the right to obtain this information from existing season-ticket holders who have a discounted ticket and have not shown proof of allowance previously. 

27. Personal assistant season tickets (helpers/carers) are only valid for use when the personal assistant is accompanying the registered disabled season ticket-holder. 

28. If a paper ticket has been issued and then lost/damaged the club accepts no responsibility for this. At the club’s discretion, a paper ticket will be reprinted but an administration fee of £5 will apply. 

29. If a fixture is placed on priority sale and a supporter does not fulfil the eligibility criteria, the supporter will not be permitted to use another supporter’s details.

30. Unplayed fixtures: Season-ticket holders will be able to claim compensation on any home fixtures that are not played in the 2024/25 season. All compensation packages will be processed at the end of the season and all season-ticket holders will be contacted about how to claim.

31. By purchasing your season ticket, you accept and acknowledge that you are physically able to access your seat without the need to use one of the lifts at the stadium. The lifts would not be available in the event of a stadium evacuation and therefore it is important that you are able to exit the stadium via the stairwells.

32.  Concession control: For the 2024/25 season, the club will be implementing a strict concession control policy across season tickets. Any supporter found to be using the incorrect age class season ticket may face the possibility of the season ticket in their possession being cancelled. 

33. By purchasing a season ticket with Charlton Athletic, you agree to follow our ground regulations set out here.

The club would like to remind all season-ticket holders to bring proof of identity with them on matchday in case they are asked to provide it by either the Ticket Office or a steward on the gates into the ground. Failure to provide this ID will lead to refusal of entry to the ground and will result in the individual having to purchase a full price ticket from the Ticket Office. 

If you wish to let someone else who qualifies for the price class of your ticket use your season for a game instead of you, please contact the Ticket Office by emailing, providing the name of the individual you would like to give your ticket to.