Curbishley: "Let's get behind them on Tuesday"

Alan Curbishley

Charlton legend Alan Curbishley believes the club's fans can play an important part in creating an atmosphere at The Valley on Tuesday to match the noise in the stadium for last weekend’s 1-0 win against Leyton Orient.

18,513 watched Dean Holden’s side victory in the club’s season-opener, the highest attendance at The Valley in more than a year, and Curbishley is hoping for more of the same when Charlton welcome Bristol Rovers on Tuesday evening.

Speaking on CharltonTV, Curbishley said: “We’ve been saying for some time that if you are going to make a promotion challenge, you are going to need to win most of your points here at The Valley. We’ve got to make this a difficult place. It’s up to our fans to try and generate the atmosphere.

“The fans could be saying ‘well we want the team to give us a spark’ but I think we’re in the position where we need the fans to give them a spark as much as we can. We’ll need as many to turn up on Tuesday night and really get behind the team. Let’s get behind them as much as we can on Tuesday night.”

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