Football v Transphobia Week of Action 2024

Charlton Invicta

The Football v Transphobia (FvT2024) week of action took place from 24 March and ended on 31 March 2024 on Transgender Day of Visibility (TDOV) - a day to raise awareness and celebrate the lives of trans and non-binary people, as well as highlight the poverty, discrimination, and violence the community continues to face.

The FvT2024 campaign which is run by Pride Sports celebrated its fifth consecutive year of weekly action in order to amplify the voices of trans people and allies in all aspects of football and highlight the issues faced by trans and non-binary people.

Our LGBTQ+ affiliated football club, Charlton Invicta FC, provide a safe, welcoming and inclusive space for trans and non-binary people to participate in football as their authentic self without fear of discrimination. We spoke to some of their members to talk about the challenges faced and the power of active allyship.

Long time striker Julia, currently playing in her fifth consecutive season for Invicta said: “Living as your authentic self can take a long time to figure out but is always worth it”.

Courtney joined Invicta in July 2023 and gave her thoughts on what TDOV means to her. “Its happiness, confidence, trust and hope.

"I see happiness; people of all ages who have begun to discover happiness, we take our first steps under the rainbow as us and the battles that come can be won this time and you can smile. 

"I see people who may not think they have or have never had confidence begin to understand the best way to discover confidence for themselves and what that looks like and the magic that conjures. 

"I see trust; for the first time you begin to trust your mind, who you are, we stand as a community, and you see the magic we all possess, and you notice - oh wait there is nothing wrong with me you trust yourself maybe for the first time.

"I see hope - never lose hope.

"As a person I have a ball of confidence that has these elements part of it with a few other personal ones that have helped me, and it may help others.

"Since joining Invicta last summer, the Club has allowed me to flourish as my authentic self. Three games stand out to me. When we played Soho away in December it was the first time, I felt like in a small way I could play the way I use too. When we played Stonewall in early March, during the game I felt like the best player on the pitch and when we played Stokey a few weeks ago the match epitomised what the club is about - togetherness, belief, strength and hope.

"Football is a game for all and Charlton Invicta FC fully embrace the same family culture as Charlton Athletic FC."

Club Chair Gary said: “We proudly welcome all to our football club – to our unique football family. We are everyone inclusive.

"There is a lot of trans hate in the current climate – so campaigns like FvT2024 and awareness days like TDOV are vitally important as we stand shoulder to shoulder with our Trans and Non-Binary siblings.

"We are living in 2024 and it’s shocking to see the amount of hate and stigma that still exists. Everyone should have the right and freedom to live their life as their authentic self without prejudice and discrimination.

"At Charlton Invicta and at Charlton Athletic we are simply sending the message You Are Safe With Us”

Dr Michael Seeraj, Head of EDI at Charlton Athletic, said: “Football clubs play a crucial role in fostering an inclusive environment, providing an important platform for promote unity and understanding. 

"Gender identity should not be a barrier to participation in football, and Charlton Invicta provide a safe and supportive space for players from different backgrounds and identities, contributing to a diverse and vibrant football community, where everyone is welcome.

"We want everyone connected to the Club to feel valued, listened to, and included – All Together, All Different, All Charlton”.

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