Karen Hills previews Durham trip

Karen Hills pre Lewes

Head Coach Karen Hills preview's this Sunday's Barclays Women's Championship clash against Durham.

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Reflecting on the 2-0 loss against Bristol City:

"Obviously we are disappointed to lose the game, I thought Bristol was a team to beat and they proved that. They were superb in the way they executed their way of playing and unfortunately for us we were on the end of the defeat." 

"But, Sian (Rogers) obviously pulled off some fantastic saves, but we as a team did not do enough to win the game."

Looking ahead to Sunday's matchup in the northeast against Durham:

"It is a process that we look to try and improve on every single week so we know that parts of our game are always going to be good, and then things that we need to improve on so this week has been no different, we know we have got to go to Durham which is a tough place to go, they are a very physical and strong side."

"They have got a different way of playing at the moment they have got a new coach and players in. So, we know it is going to be tough. I think their results probably have not hit the highs that they wanted to. I am sure they will be as up for the game as much as we will be, and we have got to go back to basics and make sure we eliminate all the little areas which we need to tidy up on."

Injury updates on Emma Follis, Lauren Bruton and Lois Roche:

"They are doing great, they really are, it is just a shame for the squad that they have not been able to be a bigger part on the pitch, because all three have characters that have fantastic experience within the women's game, and great leadership qualities, but it is really good to see them back on the grass we are in a really good position with all of them coming back better than what they ever have and now it is just about integrating them and trying to get them back into the squad and return to play."

On Angela Addison, Kiera Skeels and Mia Ross all being selected for England U23 duty:

"It is a fantastic honour for them to see they are excited to be going away and to be representing England at that level, there are some young talented English players that they can go and learn from and then obviously bring that standard and that quality back to Charlton."

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