AWAY FANS' GUIDE | Bramall Lane


These are on general sale and will be available to purchase on Saturday from the away ticket office using cash only. There is a £2 price increase on all age categories, so they are priced at £22 adults, £15 over 60s, £13 students and under 22s and £11 under 18s. We have sold around 530 tickets so far.
Bramall Lane will be familiar territory to many no doubt, evoking many contrasting memories and emotions. We will again be situated again behind the goal in The Redbrik Stand Estate Agency Stand, which has also been dedicated to Jessica Ennis-Hill. The entrances to the stand are on a small pavement adjoining a relatively busy road, so queuing up to get in can be a little confusing. What's more, there are exits straight onto this so it can get a little crowded after the final whistle has blown.
We will this time be situated in the upper tier of the stand and you will notice that the corner to our right has been filled in with nice modern seating. Our stand, however, is the oldest in the stadium and that is reflected in the fact there is no choice but to undertake a bit of a climb to arrive at a concourse that offers plenty of room, but is quite dank and dark. More stairs to our seats and I would envisage it being a sit anywhere job.  Despite a couple of impediments, the view is, on the whole, pretty good, although towards the rear it can be a bit difficult seeing all of the goal at our end.
Pretty much the basics inside the ground, accompanied by a couple of burger vans just outside, whilst more places pop up if you walk to the city centre, including the usual suspects. The city is a relatively short stroll away so there is plenty on offer within reasonable distance.
The pubs immediately around the ground are a no-go area and have been for as long as I can remember. If you are coming by train, The Howard opposite the station is fine. It more than does the job pre-match but can be a bit selective after the game. The Globe just up the hill is also OK and does some good deals. Real ale types, could aim at The Tap on the station, but in truth there are plenty of places in the lively city centre that always offer a good night out.
Relatively straightforward. The Post Code is S2 4SU. The most direct route is to take the M1 to Junction 33 then join the A630 towards Sheffield itself. One you hit the cusp of the city, follow signs towards Bakewell on the A621 and you are soon there. Parking is limited and if you do find a space, hide the stickers. There are a couple of multi-stories towards the city which are not too far away and have proven handy in the past.
A lot easier than Sheffield Wednesday, the station is within a reasonable distance to the ground and if coming from St. Pancras you can see the ground to your left as you approach Sheffield station. There is an alternative route via Doncaster which is a short ride away. Come out of the station, walk past the fountains directly outside up the ramp then turn left and follow your nose.

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