When Charlie met JFC

While you hopefully enjoyed Jake Forster-Caskey’s two goals in Charlton’s 4-1 win over Northampton Town this weekend, there was one young fan at The Valley for whom those goals will have been particularly special.

Nine-year-old Charlie Smith saved up his birthday money and then his pocket money for weeks with one thing in mind. The Essex youngster wanted a new Charlton home top with the name and number of his favourite player on the back.

The deal: he buys the top with his saved up money and his mum, Nicola, pays for the name and number.

It was always going to be Jake’s number on the back of Charlie’s shirt. Despite being a goalkeeper, Charlie appreciates JFC’s determination and his clever passing.

With his shirt purchased, Charlie turned up to Charlton’s 1-0 win against Bristol Rovers and, while pleased with the result, he was devastated to see “F-Caskey” on the back of the shirt of his favourite player. His replica said “Forster-Caskey”.

Charlie was invited back to the club shop on Thursday to get a replacement printed and the youngster could hardly believe his eyes when behind the counter, printing his new jersey, was none other than JFC.

A shocked Charlie said: “I was just amazed when I saw Jake and really happy to meet him.”

After printing the shirt, Jake got Charlie to try it on before adding: “Hopefully I can get a goal for you on Saturday.” Charlie sits in the West Stand and the midfielder continued “If I score, I’ll have a little look up.”

Charlie’s mum Nicola said: “It absolutely made my son's day. He was ‘star struck’ when Jake himself walked out to print his shirt for him. Luckily, he found his voice when Jake started talking to him.

“An experience like Charlie had is such a great thing to do and Charlie hasn't stopped talking about it.”

As if Charlie’s week couldn’t have got any better, his favourite player went on to score not just the one goal he’d hoped for but two goals in Saturday’s win, looking up for Charlie in the West Stand after scoring his first.

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