Takeover update from this evening's Fans' Forum


A full Fans’ Forum took place at The Valley this evening. This followed last month’s meeting which was specifically focused on the takeover.

The Fans’ Forum meet every three months and is made up of fan representatives. To find out more about the Fans’ Forum and contacting your fan representatives click here

The meeting was attended by members of the Fans' Forum, club staff and Lieven De Turck (LDT), who is representing the club in takeover talks. The below notes cover the takeover section of the meeting, notes from the rest of the meeting will be available in due course.

LDT reiterated that priority number one still to sell the club. He said there is no date set but it is still the priority. He said there is no exclusivity with one party and that the party that completes first will get the club.

He then explained the status of the five parties that were mentioned as interested at the previous meeting:

Groups linked to the Australians

The group still have to lodge the outstanding documents with the EFL to complete the deal. As far as LDT is aware they have had some further contact with the EFL. LDT said they are very much still on the radar. The issue, he feels, is still their complexity which is very high. LDT said he felt there had been progress as to him it appears they have reduced their complexity which LDT thinks is a good thing. LDT said his last phone call with them was this morning and that he hears from them every week. 

Ian Wallis (Bromley Addicks) said he had a source that said he was close to the bid and didn’t think a price had been agreed.

LDT said the price was agreed a long time ago (February) and that is not a long term discussion point in the talks. As far as LDT is aware there hasn’t been an issue with the agreed price. 

Second party (British)

LDT said the group have always been active. LDT confirmed they are British. He said in the last week he felt they had taken a big step. LDT expected things will be sped up now. He explained that in the past they had shown they had proof of funds but with proof of funds alone they cannot purchase the club. Now they appear close to putting the money on the table. 

The third party (European)

LDT said that due diligence is ongoing with the third party. They have a committee that will decide in two weeks if they will offer and what their offer is.

The fourth party (European)

An NDA is signed but LDT hasn’t received a proof of funds.  

The fifth party

In October they asked for time to make up their mind, they now have come back to the club and signed an NDA. They met Roland Duchatelet (RD) at the beginning of the week. They showed LDT and RD their plans. They haven’t done proof of funds but LDT doesn’t think it will be an issue with them.


LDT confirmed RD has met representatives from the first, second and fifth party. 

Barnie Razzell (City Addicks) asked why he met them and not the others. LDT explained the first two were in May when RD was over at the club when the other parties were not involved.

LDT said he felt the upcoming transfer window and being sixth in the league helps with the sale of the club which is why he feels there has been movement recently.

LDT still feels the Australians are most likely.

John Perkns (Away Travel) asked why the takeover was taking so long. LDT said the time it has taken is not exceptional because when you buy you want to turn every stone and football is constantly moving. 

The next Fans’ Forum is set for February 20th 2019, should the club not be sold by January 9th 2019, a further takeover specific Fans' Forum meeting will take place.

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