‘Team Addicks’ Complete Ride to Amsterdam

On Friday, June 7th, a team of just under 40 strong Addicks undertook the annual Football to Amsterdam bike ride to raise money for Prostate Cancer UK.

We spoke to the spearhead of the Charlton team for the event, Tracey Leaburn about how the team fared in awful weather conditions.

“It was the worst weather that has been had in all the years of this ride . It was horrendous. Gale force winds and rain but everyone finished and crossed the line. Everyone joined together as a team and helped each-other along and we made it. But honestly, I’ve never seen weather like it in my life!

The first day Is definitely the hardest with so many hills, I think the conditions played a part in it too. It’s raining and you’re cold, my trainers were soaking. There was quite a few times where I was sat there thinking what the hell am I doing? I could be at home right now with the heating on!”

Despite the conditions, Team Addicks raised a fantastic sum of money for Prostate Cancer U.K.

“I’ve just added the sale of Patrick Bauer’s shirt [which raised £1,320 pounds] so in all our Team total is now over £50,000!!

There was also an injury concern on the journey, but it is a story with a brilliant finish

On the second day there was no let up [from the weather]… A member of our team Ellie [York] got blown off her bike into railings and she really hurt herself. We think she might have broken her finger and so we all waited by the medic van. Her bike was broken but it wasn’t far from the finish line. So, she’s got this broken finger and she was shaking with shock but she jumped out of the medic van and runs to finish with the team, she had no bike to ride but she wanted to finish with the team.”

Upon finishing, emotions were understandably high.

“Everyone has different reasons for doing the ride, but we all did it together.

For myself, I broke down in tears because I did it for my Dad with my sister. It’s a massive achievement anyway to do it with the conditions and so for us it’s like ‘wow we’ve raised £50,000 and we’ve done this for our loved ones or for whatever our reasons are and I think it’s just the camaraderie of everyone to help everyone get through it and we’re all hugging each other and for most it’s the first time that they have done the ride.

The part that makes me most proud is that we all were wearing our Charlton jackets [thanks to Hummel and all our sponsors] representing our club and crossed the finish line together. We really were a sea of red! Dave Warr even had his speaker on playing ‘Red Red Robin’

“I just want to say a massive thanks again to Bob Bolder who has done this ride from the start. For me he’s everything Charlton is. He stops with people; he encourages people that were struggling. He’s always got a smile on his face. Jason Morgan as well because it’s him and Bob’s fault that they got me to do this in the beginning! They just helped everybody, and it was brilliant, I really want to mention those two because along with everyone else, that is what made the team.”

The legendary ex Charlton goalkeeper Bob Bolder spoke about crossing the finish line as a team and how special it was.

"Crossing the finish line in front of the Ajax stadium for the fourth year running, with 38 Team Charlton riders all in glorious red was the proudest moment of all! Individually you can win, but to ride together as Team Charlton we are all winners!"

Jason Morgan the CEO of Charlton Community Trust who had 15 riders also commented on the resilience of the team considering the conditions.

"Despite everything against us the Team finished [even if it was running over the line like Ellie] which showed true spirit and camaraderie when at times we had to dig deep. Credit to all the Team for not only completing the ride but raising an unbelievable amount of money. Thankfully my Dad recovered from Prostate Cancer, but others who took part have lost loved ones like Tracey and her sister Kristi, and when it get’s tough, and it was tough!, you remember why we are doing this. Our Team brought together CACT and club staff, fans, sponsors and ex-players Bob Bolder and Garry Nelson.

In the way we always do, the Charlton family pulled together yet again, a very special Club."

The Riders for 'Team Addicks' were; Tracey Leaburn, Lee Hewitt, Gary Nelson, George Jones, Tracey Nelson, Lewis Westlake, Deren Ibrahim, Jason Morgan, Bob Bolder, Charlie Macdonald, Mark Gregory, Kate Gould, Eleanor York, Michael Lawrence, Clara Freixes, David James, Bradley Marshall, Jack Peart, Deb Browne, Terry Peart, Vanessa Fortune, Barry Simmons, Kristi Fry, David Warr, John Warr, Peter Mahoney, Louis Mendez, Mark Newell, Ray Bates, Andy Buckland, Dan Hartnett, John Barnes, Hari Neupane, Martin Wahl, Nathan Muller, Marcus Illingsworth, James Moignard and Mark Jackson.

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