Bowyer on the reward of being in the Championship and playing against Millwall

Lee Bowyer saw down with for an in-depth interview during the club’s pre-season camp in Spain.

You can watch the interview, in full, for free below.

On the reward of being in the championship…

“It’s a reward but it’s where the club should be, in my eyes, at a minimum. We should be playing against Leeds and your West Brom’s and teams like that, with your big grounds and going there with full houses. I’m looking forward to it, it’s a challenge for me and for the lads.

Can they handle the pressure of playing in front of 30,000, where the crowd are on them? Most of them have never been in that situation, it’s going to be quite daunting for them and it’s good to see how they’re going to handle it.”

On playing against Millwall…

“We’ll be going into every game to win, but Millwall, obviously our local rivals and the fans, what’s the best word to use, they don’t really like each other! It’s going to be competitive and I know from watching Millwall, the game it’s going to be very very competitive.”

Article by Tyler Rowlinson

Read Time: 1 mins