Museum to open after Sunday's game against Preston North End

The Charlton Athletic museum will be open for an hour after Sunday's game against Preston North End.

With the game being marked as our Kids For A Quid fixture, the match is a perfect occasion to bring young family members or friends down to The Valley to enjoy football.

And after the game, supporters can show the latest young Addicks fans around the club museum to find out the history of the club and the ground they are walking on.

Museum trustee Ben Hayes said: "“We’ve had feedback that some fans couldn’t make it the museum before games so are experimenting with opening after the Preston game for an hour so more people can see what’s on offer.  

“The feedback we get from those that have been able to make it has been overwhelmingly positive but we want as many fans as possible to enjoy the collection that stretches from the first medal the club ever one in 1906/7, through our first England cap in 1923, 1947 cup final medals, the ball from the 7-6 Huddersfield, dozens of rare and match worn shirts all the way to the current day and the both the 1998 and 2019 play-off trophies.”

The Museum is free to enter and supporters can locate the club museum on the left of the big badge in Harvey Gardens.

The Charlton Athletic Museum is reliant on donations and the work of volunteers. Any supporters interested in contributing their time, money or artefacts should contact the club by calling 020 8333 4000, or the museum directly by email on or via Twitter on @CHATHMuseum.

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