Lee Bowyer on defeat at Luton, decisions costing his side and the players' effort

Speaking after Charlton's 2-1 defeat to Luton Town Lee Bowyer discussed the game, the officials' decisions costing his side, his players effort and Sheffield Wednesday coming up on Saturday.

On the result...

“Decisions cost us. The decisions didn’t go our way. Their first goal is offside, he actually falls over the goalkeeper, that’s how close he is to him. If that’s not interfering, I don’t know what is. Apparently the linesman saw that there was a player on the far post but that’s not the case. Then the second goal was handball. So basically, there were two decisions and that’s why we haven’t won the game.”

 On the effort…

“We’re in a difficult situation at the moment. I believe that the 11 I had out there could have won the game today. We took the lead and, because of decisions, we lost the game. 

“My players haven’t done anything wrong, they give me everything. It’s tough with these quick turnarounds. We’ve got kids on the bench that have never even played in the cups for us this season, let alone in the Championship! 

“Albie Morgan was playing at Ebbsfleet last week, Alfie Doughty coming off the bench was playing at Bromley and now I’m saying ‘come and play these Championship games on a Tuesday night where it’s going to be tough’. Is it fair? Probably not but we have no one else. 

“When I look at that and we’ve lost the games because of decisions then yeah, I think my players done enough to get more out of the game. I can't fault their effort tonight."

On chances created…

“We had chances, one of their defenders made a great block. I cant remember who took the shot but we got it to the by-line and [Jonathan] Leko cut it back and someone dived in. I thought it was a nailed on goal. But we made chances, first half and second half! 

“It hurts more when it’s not a bit of brilliance that wins it, It comes down to decisions and that hurts because if this was the Premier League then both these goals would be ruled off. But we’re not in the Premier League and we don’t have VAR and that’s what has cost us. 

“Being a referee and a linesman is a tough job. It’s a hard job. But, they’ve made two decisions that have cost us the game”

On Sheffield Wednesday coming up next...

“Conor Gallagher is now out so that’s another body we’re down. Of course it’s going to be tough. Sheffield Wednesday are a good side. I've just said to the players there, ‘it’s going to be tough at times and you just have to dig deep and you have to stick and pull together’.

"Josh Cullen will be out for a while and won't be back before Christmas.

“It’s tough for the players in there and rightly so because we’ve lost the game. But, we’ve got three days until we go again. So you have to pick yourselves up. They’ll be ready and I’ve just said to them there ‘whoever I put out on Saturday, I believe that you are good enough to win the game."

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