Bowyer on the proposed takeover

Lee Bowyer is pleased with what he is hearing from the club's prospective new owners.

East Street Investments have agreed a deal to purchase the club subject to EFL approval and, speaking at his weekly press conference on Thursday morning, Bowyer said: “It’s positive, the things that we’re hearing, it’s positive stuff. The club getting taken over, money to spend in January or the summer, new contracts for myself and the staff, tying Lyle [Taylor] down.

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"Hopefully it does all happen, but again this is not in our control, we’ve got a long way to go before we get to that. The most important thing is that the club gets taken over and then we will go from there."

Bowyer refused to get carried away with the news as the club awaits for confirmation of the agreed takeover: “All these things I’m hearing, but let’s not get carried away so soon, it has to be done first and I hope it does. If it does it’s all positive and the club can move forward, nothing changes for me. I want the club to be successful, that’s why I’ve stayed here. I think everybody knows that there’s been opportunities to go elsewhere and I’ve chosen to stay, so hopefully that loyalty gets repaid.

“I know there’s meetings [with the EFL] and stuff but these are things we can’t control, obviously we all want it to happen but until it does, we have just got to carry on normal and keep doing what we’re doing every day. But hopefully it happens, for everybody.”

Article by Jay Cohen

Read Time: 2 mins