Bowyer: "We didn't get anything that we deserved from the game today"

Speaking after Tuesday's 1-0 loss to Huddersfield Town, Lee Bowyer shared his frustrations with the result, gave his take on the teams current run and touched on how he is looking to ease Taylor back into the side.

A post match press conference will be available on Valley Pass later this evening.

On the loss to Huddersfield… 

“We didn't get anything that we deserved from the game today. I thought that my players gave absolutely everything, they’re crawling off the pitch. It’s difficult to take again. We score a goal that gets disallowed for offside - He’s not offside.

"I don’t know what to say. The officials have cost us tonight and then they go and get one at the end. In the second half it only looked like one team was going to win it and that was us. We were on the front foot. And yet we’ve come away with nothing."

On the current run…

"It’s tough because the players, apart from Saturday, have given me absolutely everything in every game. Saturday we were off it and that’s going to happen from time to time because we’re down to bare bones. 

"But, looking at where we are, we can't forget what our goal is for this season and that’s to stay in the league. As we speak now we’re above where people expected us to be and we’ve got a load of players out! Before we started losing all of those players we were sitting comfortably. 

"Once we start dripping them back into the squad it will only improve us, and we’ll start picking up a lot more points. No doubt, it’s a tough period for us but I believe in the lads that I have and we have to try and grind something out and that’s what we’re trying to do at the moment."

On starting Lyle Taylor on Friday… 

"The advice I’m getting is to not risk him. I want to. I hear everyone’s frustrations this evening. But look, there’s no one more that wants Lyle to start a game, trust me.

"We have to be careful. If we start him on the Friday. There’s a chance he could then break down and then he could be out for another eight games. I’ve got to try and try and be sensible. But I understand the frustrations and I want him to start more than anybody."

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