Annual memorial pays tribute to Addicks lost in 2019

Ahead of Charlton's game against West Bromwich Albion on Saturday, the club paid its respects to all those connected to the club including supporters, former players and members of staff that passed away in the past 12 months.

A period of applause was held by both sets of supporters and players as we remembered those lost. The club asked supporters to send in the names of loved ones who had passed away and their names were put on The Valley's big screen and printed in Valley Review.

Below is the list of those we remembered...

Bill Abbott 

David Alfred 

Pamela Ally

Brian Ansell 

Anthony Applegate 

Brian Arter

Richard Ashby 

Dennis Badgger

Jim Baker 

Joan Baker

Brent Bayliss

Wallace ‘Mike’ Bell

Jacqui Brown

Monica Brown

John Brunton 

Kenneth Budd

Paul Burnett-Kirk

Derek Caddie

Margaret ‘Peggy’ Canty 

Ronald ‘Butch’ Castle 

Paul Cheeseright

Anton Ciolek 

Yan Ciolek 

Malcolm Claus 

John Michael Cole

Vernon James Cole 

Alan Coombes 

Dennis Cosshall

Eileen Cox 

Brian Davis 

Patrick Davis 

Jordan Dawes

Rodney Durrant

Mike Ebdon

Alyn Edwards

Barry Edwards

Dennis Edwards 

Fred Ford

Christopher Francis Saunders 

Henry Clive Franklin

George Gardner

Edward Godden 

Tony Golding

William ‘Bill’ Thomas Golding 

Ronald John Granger

Dougal Greenway 

Gwillym Griffiths 

Roy Griffiths 

Brian Gough

Dennis Hales 

David Haley 

Gill Hammond 

Jack Haylor 

John Herbert 

Nan Hill 

Stuart Hollamby

Brian ‘Paddy’ Holland 

Doug Holmes 

Laura Hosier

Bob Huelin

Betty Hutchins 

Vic Jarrett

Joe Jeffcoat 

Monica Eileen Jolliffe 

Bill Jones 

Peter Kneal

Martin Kiely 

Barrie Knight 

Dennis Lane

Ken Laundy 

Ray Lawrie

Benito Loncrini 

Georgina Ethel Lown 

Herbert Victor Lown 

Tom Mackie 

Ernest James Martin

Chris Matcham

Larry Meilack

Thomas Menzies 

John Milliams

Steevie Montford 

Barry Morgan

Barbara May Morris 

Ronnie Murray 

Cliff Myers

Pete Newman

Stanley Frederick John Norris 

John Manus O’Donnell 

Don Oliver

Alan Parrick

Jim Parsons

Scott Peake

Leslie Pearce

Paul Pease

Alan Pellick

Craig Peppiatt

Kelvin Pettyfer

Jack Phillips

Barry Picton 

Jim Plows

Joe Powell

Peter Raggett 

David John Randall

Alice Redden

Ken Redgrave 

Alex Richards

Agnes Roose

Peter Rose 

Adrian Ruffle 

Peter Rushbrook

Nick Saund 

Ron Saunders

Mick Sheehy

Ivan Peter Simmons 

Keith Simmons 

Clifford Edgar Skinner 

Reg Smith

Shell Smith

Stanley Smith 

Edward ‘Ted’ Southard

Derek Starkey 

Eileen Starkey

Bill Stevens

Jean Stewart 

Tracy Suarez 

Edward Sydenham 

Anna Tarrant 

Peter Taylor 

Peter Alfred Taylor

Rex Taylor

Barbara Thomas 

Tony Truder

Sheila Tucker 

Arthur Turner 

Bob Turner 

Deirdre Valentino 

Alec Vincent

David Walden 

Alfred ‘John’ Warr

Nick Wells-Gaston

Stephen Werrey-Easterbrook

Bryan Wewellyn Streek 

Don White 

Cora Ann Wilkins

Andrew William Grierson

Christopher Williams 

Grahame Williams

John Henry Williams 

Graham Wright 

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