Capacity of the Fans’ Bar increased for Saturday’s game against Luton Town

The capacity of the Fans’ Bar has been increased for Saturday’s game against Luton Town following feedback from fans.

The bar, which is free to enter, has been getting more and more popular as the season has gone on and on Saturday reached capacity at 12.30pm ahead of the club’s fixture against Blackburn Rovers.

To give more fans the opportunity to enjoy the Fans’ Bar extra space is being created by replacing some of the tables in the bar.

On Saturday the Fans' Bar will open at 12pm, three hours before kick-off, with supporters able to watch live games on its big screens, both before and after the Addicks’ match has taken place.

Saturday's matchday is dedicated to fighting homophobia in football and Charlton Museum have put a special display in the Fans' Bar documenting the club's work fighting homophobia over the years.

For more information on hiring SE7’s Fans’ Bar or another room at The Valley on non-matchdays, please click here.

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