Running, keeping fit and learning piano: In lockdown with Tom Lockyer

With the coronavirus outbreak still restricting people to stay at home, Addicks defender Tom Lockyer sat down with Club Journalist Olly Groome via Instagram Live last week to talk about a number of things and answer questions asked by supporters. 

Starting off talking about how he has found life at home, Lockyer insisted that the squad have been working hard and that there are a number of ways to keep fit. 

“On each day you’ll get sent out different runs and different plans and there’s a distance that you’ll have to hit," explained the Wales international.

“There's an app called MapMyRun by Under Armour so you have to switch that on when you do the run and then switch it off after the run and then everyone’s scores will go into the group chat. It’s always Darren Pratley at the top. I think he ties it to his dog!”

Lockyer also explained that it has been difficult being unable to play football and train normally. 

“It’s the routine I miss. Nowadays you just have to do a run in the day. I find myself waking up at 12 and thinking 'I just want to be out playing football'. 

“We’re quite lucky to have a big garden so I’ve been trying different tricks and am trying to get involved with the Community Trust stuff for videos - anything to try and keep me as busy as possible.”

Despite this, Lockyer is insistent that health comes first and just hopes that when football returns, it will inspire an even better atmosphere at games. 

“Football will always be there when it returns, when that will be; who knows? But, football will be there and I’m sure everyone will be there in good spirits raring to go and see it like never before. The fans will have missed it just as much as us.”

Before and during the Instagram live, supporters were asked to send in their questions for the Welshman to answer. The first question asked him about his favourite Charlton game so far. 

“Either the first home game against Stoke City or Derby at home when we beat them 3-0 at The Valley. It was rocking! It was quite sensational because it was a great atmosphere and a win like that always makes it better. One of them two for me.”

Lockyer took the time to praise the Addicks in the stands. 

“I’m not sure the fans realise how big a part they play because they often will hear that they’re the 12th man, but it honestly makes a difference, especially when we’re under the cosh and you’re trying to hold on to something late on. To have them roaring you on and not that nervy atmosphere that you get at some grounds”.

Having been captain at Bristol Rovers before coming to London, Lockyer was also asked if he would ever like to take the captain's armband whilst wearing a Charlton shirt. 

“I’d never say no, but I think, at the minute, it’s in good hands. I think, for me, coming off the back of being captain at Bristol Rovers I think it’s a nice break. To still be able to lead without the pressure of the armband is something I’m rather enjoying so for the time being I’m more than happy. As I’ve said before, Jason Pearce is fantastic around the training ground so fair play to him.”

Meanwhile, Lockyer rounded off the 45-minute lbroadcast by showing off his piano skills to those watching live, something he has tasked himself with learning during the lockdown.

"i've got a keyboard which I had borrowed from my mum, so thought I'd use the time to try and teach myself how to play. I've started with Celine Dion's 'My Heart Will Go On' and I think it's going OK!'

Read Time: 4 mins