Jacko becomes guitar hero for Children With Cancer UK

We all know Johnnie Jackson as the goalscoring midfielder, running down the wing and now patrolling the dugout as Assistant Manager, but how many knew him as a singer/songwriter?

During the lockdown period, Jackson has been keeping himself busy by picking up his guitar and writing some lyrics to fit the current situation, much to the delight of fans who saw his first effort ‘That’s Isolation’ surface on social media last week.  

Fortunately, there is plenty more to come from the Jackson songbook and he is hoping to raise some money for a good cause while he’s at it.

“I used to go back and forth with [Head of Education] Joe Francis, doing songs here and there and have been sending them to him during lockdown.

“The fans seemed to like ‘That’s Isolation’ so we came up with an idea to try and raise some money for Children With Cancer UK. Myself, Grant Basey [First Team Development Coach] and Ben Talbot [First-team Sports Scientist] were due to run in the London Marathon on Sunday for the cause, but it was obviously postponed.

“We were already under way with our fundraising. I’ve taken the option to run when it, hopefully, takes place in October so we still have time to fundraise and this is a nice way to help towards that.

“It’s a difficult time for everyone and there is a lot of money being raised for good causes at the moment. During all this, children are still suffering with cancer and the charity needs help to raise those funds, particularly during this time, so hopefully we can do our bit towards that.”

After the success of his first tune, supporters can see what else he has in store by helping towards his fundraising for Children With Cancer UK.

At the time of writing, the total stand at £795. When the fundraising hits the £1,000 mark, Jackson will unleash his next song for supporters to enjoy.

To donate to the cause, head to the CAFC London Marathon 2020 team fundraising page by clicking here.

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