Bowyer on his excitement to be back in training

Lee Bowyer is looking forward to returning to Sparrows Lane on Monday for his first training session with his team since March.

The Addicks players will be returning in groups for non-contact sessions and Bowyer can’t wait.

Speaking on Thursday afternoon the Charlton Manager said: “We were there today, the staff, just talking through preparations and how we are going to work each section and the protocol and what the rules are, so we are spot on for Monday. It was good just to see the faces again in and around the place. I’m really looking forward to it.

“The pitches are looking good. I would like to see what The Valley looks like – I bet that is looking good.”

Bowyer was also pleased to confirm there are no injury concerns. 

“We’re going to have a full squad,” he explained.

“We had a full squad just as we finished [in March] and we’d just got some minutes into everyone because when some of the injured players first came back we were limited on the time they could play, 20 minutes, 30 minutes, build them up, 70. We just got them near to the 90 minutes and then we stopped. We’re all in the same boat now, I’m guessing teams that had injuries, everyone will be fit now, so everyone will have full strength squads, so I’m looking forward to having that difficulty of choosing the right players for the right games.”

Despite the lockdown Bowyer has managed to stay in touch with his players and will be working them hard on their return to the club’s training ground.

He said: “We’ve done Zoom calls, so I’ve seen them but seeing them in person is different and seeing them sweating is going to be enjoyable. I’m looking forward to it and getting in around that everyday work on the training pitch, that’s what I love, so we’re looking forward to seeing everyone.”

Bowyer added that his players are equally keen to be back in action: “That’s all they know, playing football and training, the everyday stuff. They become machines and that’s all they know what to do. To be away from it from such a long time, the summer isn’t even as long as this, so they’ll be itching to get back. I’m sure it will be good.

“Training will be a lot of ball work, because that is what they will be rusty on. They’ve been running all the time, they’re fitness won’t be that bad, it will be more the ball work. The most important thing is getting used to playing with the ball and kicking it again. You’ll have to build it up slowly like we would do in pre-season. We’ve got it all planned out. We’ve got to adjust a little bit because of the protocol, the small distance, it’s going to be challenging, players are going to have to buy into it but it’s the same for everybody. 

“In your normal football stuff there is always contact, so at the beginning it is going to be a bit strange [with no contact] but we’ve got it all mapped out and all planned but I’m sure it will all go well.”

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