Bowyer: "I have a group there that will keep fighting and keep pushing"

On winning a significant point at the death...

"Mixed emotions. I’m happy, it’s a good point. It’s the least we deserved but at the same time I’m disappointed because again, we were the better side. We created better chances and more chances and again, the officials I think have not been brave enough for us.

"If you think of think of the penalties that have been given against us as of late… are you telling me that we shouldn’t have had one. I’ve looked at them both, both challenges on Macauley Bonne. The first one’s a penalty and the second one isn’t, but again a big decision has gone against us.

"I’m pleased that we kept going and fought til the end and we got a well deserved point and we deserve that."

On going to Leeds on the final day looking for safety…

"It’s in our hands and that’s all you can ask for is to be in control of your own destiny because it’s better than relying on others. I have a group there that will keep fighting and keep pushing and I just wish we’d had a bit of luck here and there since we’ve got back because we’ve been good since we’ve come back from lockdown. Today was no different.

"We gave away two silly goals. But that can happen in this decision but they went bang bang. It was chance, chance, goal, goal. I guess that’s the difference in what you pay for. I’m over the moon that we showed fight and we showed character.

On Bonne getting his goal and hopefully spurring him on for the final game.

"That was the best game that he’s played for the club by a country mile and it’s not just because he got his goal. Physically he was putting his challenges in and putting his body on the line and that’s part of the game as well. I had a go at him maybe a week ago and people may have thought that I was being a bit harsh on him there but that’s my job. To push people.

"And to bring the best out of them and today I said to Macca “well done, you were outstanding”, and he could have easily gone the other way about me having a go at him but he didn’t he stood up like a man and he improved. That’s perfect for me. I’m really pleased for him and he deserves all the praise he’ll get after this game.

On yet another penalty appeal turned down…

"It’s a penalty! I’ve watched it back and it’s a penalty. I spoke to the referee after the game and I said I know what’s going to happen. I’ll speak to Alan Wilie again, like I did after the Reading game. I know what he’s going to do; he’s going to come back to me and apologise again. Like he did last week. But that doesn’t help us.

"These are massive decisions and we’ve had three go against us in the last four games. Is there any chance of us getting one? This is another big decision that could be the difference between us staying up and not staying up and it cant keep happening every week."

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