WATCH | Club Director Marian Mihail interview

Club Director Marian Mihail has sat down with Club Journalist and Content Manager Olly Groome for an in-depth Zoom interview, providing an update on the current takeover process as well as clarification on a number of other issues.

The 40-minute interview is available for supporters to watch for free on Valley Pass, as well as the club's YouTube channel and Facebook account.

Below is a summary of some of the key points made by Mihail in the interview. As well as what is bullet-pointed below, other discussion points included the situation regarding the outstanding Range Rovers which have been purchased in the club's name and the Sheffield Wednesday points deduction situation, as well as a number of other topics.

  • Confirms that the club is owned by East Street Investments, which is co-owned by the Abu-Dhabi-based company Panorama Magic as the majority shareholders and Matt Southall as an individual. Neither Tahnoon Nimer or Matt Southall have any involvement in the running of the club. Marian Mihail and Claudiu Florica oversee day-to-day running of the club.
  • There have been several parties interested in buying the club. The club are in advanced due diligence processes with two parties – one of which is Thomas Sandgaard, the other is an Istanbul-based investment fund.
  • Paul Elliott’s company is seeking to prevent Panorama Magic from disposing of its shares in ESI. The first hearing will take place on September 1st. Paul Elliott has simply filed for a hearing, he has not been granted an injunction. The date was set by mutual agreement between barristers.
  • All of the parties who have shown an interest in Charlton and have signed NDAs were already aware of the existence of the injunction hearing and all parties are continuing regardless.
  • EFL owner and directors' test applications belong to the individuals, they are only submitted through the club. Similarly, the rejection also belongs to the individual. Because the appeals belong to the individuals, the club aren’t privy to the proceedings. The EFL have not provided any timescale.
  • A UK-based agency had showed an interest in a takeover of the club, but the bid was not pursued and the club did not discover individuals involved. The name ‘Joseph Cala’ is not one for fans to be concerned about.
  • Remaining parties have not made a possible takeover contingent on any position from Roland Duchatelet. His quality as a landlord is not an obstacle for a takeover.
  • We are under what the EFL call an ‘absolute embargo’. An agreement was made to allow us to sign Conor Washington and Alex Gilbey as exceptions due to some previous mis-communication. Transfer embargo was initially imposed due to the procedure surrounding the takeover in January – that was a ‘soft embargo’.
  • The club have not sold any sell-on fees for any players who have previously joined other clubs. There is money to pay August’s wages. It is hoped that the club will be handed over to new owners, but there are plans to ensure wages will be paid for September and October.
Read Time: 3 mins