Marian Mihail: "Yesterday was a positive step in the right direction"

An injunction attempting to block the potential sale of Charlton Athletic has been denied.

On Tuesday, His Honour Judge Richard Pearce, sitting in Manchester Civil Justice Centre, ruled against imposing an injunction to prevent the club being sold.

Club Director Marian Mihail said: “I know it has been a difficult year for everyone at Charlton and hopefully yesterday was a positive step in the right direction.

“Credit must go to the legal team involved who have put in a lot of hours to get us to this point.

“I imagine many of you will have seen pictures of Thomas Sandgaard at yesterday’s game and while I am sure you will appreciate we can’t go into detail, we can say that conversations with prospective buyers are progressing positively. I’d like to thank the staff directly involved, who are working tirelessly to provide information to support these ongoing discussions. There is still work to be done but yesterday’s decision allows us to focus on moving the club forward and putting these difficult times behind us.” 

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