Charlton on search for fan to help club engage with supporters

Charlton are looking for a fan to help build the club’s communication structure with supporters and to aid with the growth of the club’s fanbase.

The individual will work with the club’s owner Thomas Sandgaard and Commercial Director Wayne Mumford. 

Sandgaard said: “As I experienced even before I took over the club, Charlton has a fantastic fanbase, full of knowledgeable and passionate supporters, who have fought to save their club; both in the past, fighting to get the club back to The Valley, and recently, protecting the club from the likes of Chris Farnell.

“How we talk with fans and engage supporters is very important to how we grow as a club, which is why I want to get someone involved who really knows and understands the fanbase – who better than a Charlton fan?”

Mumford said: “I really appreciate the way the fans have welcomed Thomas and I to the club. I know I’ve enjoyed my first few months at Charlton and it has been enjoyable learning more about this great club and getting to know some of the fans involved.

“Thomas and I still have a lot to learn about this club, which is why we are looking for a fan adviser. The individual will help us as we work with established and new supporter groups, to build a communication structure that allows us to speak with supporters and grow the club’s fanbase both domestically and internationally.”  

Supporters who want to be involved should email with a short description of why they would be suitable as the club's fan adviser.

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