Update on the roles of Steve Gallen and Martin Sandgaard

The club are pleased to confirm that Steve Gallen has taken up the role as Charlton’s Director of Recruiting and Martin Sandgaard has been appointed as the club’s Director of Analysis.

Gallen joined the club in 2017 and the new role will allow him to focus on bringing in and keeping the type of players that will help the club move forwards.

Martin Sandgaard has been at Charlton since the departure of Nigel Adkins in October and will manage the club’s football analytics department. 

Owner, Thomas Sandgaard, explained: “Steve Gallen has done a lot of good work at this club and has an extensive network throughout the industry. He is the best negotiator I know and is a real asset to the club.

“Data analytics is an important part of football and we have some great staff in place to help with that. Martin has been at Charlton for more than two months, observing how we do things, and has struck up a good working relationship with our analysts. The team look at upcoming opposition and play an important role in helping our recruitment of players. The team have access to analyse as many as 12,000 players, which will be crucial in identifying players that will be helpful for us now and in the future. 

“As we mentioned in the summer, we won’t just rely on analytics in recruitment, it is important to get a feel for a player as a person and to see them in action to make sure they are the right fit for the team. Martin will work alongside, and learn from, Steve Gallen and they’ll both report directly in to me.”

In addition, the club can confirm that Ged Roddy has resigned from his role as Technical Director.

Thomas Sandgaard said: “Ged has done a lot of important work during his time at the club and while we wish him the best for the future, I’m sure we’ll still see him around a lot as he’ll be helping us on upcoming projects.”

Roddy said: “I’ve had a brilliant time at Charlton, I’ve loved working with the staff, the players, Thomas and getting to know the fans, who are such an important part of this club. Charlton had been hollowed out before Thomas’ takeover and we’ve been able to build in a lot of infrastructure which was required.

“The club is in an exciting place with Johnnie in charge doing an excellent job and the great work Karen Hills and her team are doing. 

“I’ll still be able to support in various capacities and I look forward to seeing the club continue to progress.”

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