Update from Sean Clare who will miss the final game of the season

Following Saturday’s win against Shrewsbury Town, Sean Clare posted the below update on his Twitter page.

“Due to health precautions, that’s my season done a little early!

"I’ve been advised by medical specialists to have my facial birthmark removed as it poses a risk of becoming melanomic (skin cancer). I want to say a big thanks to the club, gaffer, coaches, medical team and doctor at Charlton for helping me sort all of this out and for their support through it all, and throughout this season.

"Having the op at this time allows me to avoid a potentially serious health risk and also have enough time to recover and be ready to go well in time for pre-season. It will be a strange change for me and for many people who know me, but needs must and I look forward to getting it all sorted and going again next season!”

Everyone at the club would like to wish Sean a speedy recovery.

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