CACT offers help with joint pain

Charlton Athletic Community Trust (CACT) are offering a free service for consultation for residents of Royal Greenwich suffering from osteoarthritis.

Osteoarthritis is the most common form of joint disease, where the surface of the joint becomes damages so the joint no longer moves as smoothly as it should, small lifestyle changes such as moving more can help you manage the symptoms of Osteoarthritis and can help you lead a happier and healthier life.

It most commonly occurs in people older than 45 suffering with hip, knee or back pain for more than three months.

CACT are now booking consultations with Joint Pain Advisors who can support those with osteoarthritis in setting goals and making health decisions.

The course runs over 4 appointments with the Joint Pain Advisor that last between 30 to 45 minutes. One of these appointments will take place over the phone. 

The Joint Pain Clinics are delivered by Charlton Athletic Community Trust (CACT) on behalf of the Royal Borough of Greenwich.

Bookings for the Joint Pain Clinic can be taken by calling the Greenwich Healthy Living Line on 0800 470 4831.

A short questionnaire will be sent in the post to fill in for the first appointment.

Click here to find out more about  CACT’s Health and Wellbeing Offer.

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