CACT supports Men's Health Week

Men’s Health Week got underway on Monday 11 June, and this year, it’s raising awareness of diabetes in men. Charlton Athletic Community Trust (CACT) is supporting the initiative and promoting its men’s health programme.

Almost 3.7 million people in the UK have been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and more people are at risk of developing it than ever.

What are the common symptoms of diabetes?

Going to the toilet a lot
Being really thirsty
Feeling more tired than usual
Losing weight without trying to
Genital itching or thrush
Cuts and wounds take longer to heal.

These symptoms occur because sugar stays in the blood rather than being used for energy and the body tries to reduce the blood sugar levels by flushing it out through urine. Sometimes you can miss the symptoms of type 2 diabetes because they can develop slowly, but untreated diabetes can have a detrimental effect on some of your major organs.

It’s not all doom and gloom though, there are a number of lifestyle changes that can reduce your risk of developing type 2 diabetes:

Eat well
Move more
Lose weight if you’re overweight

For more information about diabetes, head to Diabetes UK.

CACT runs a successful men’s health programme that has supported men throughout Royal Greenwich to lead healthier lifestyles and reduce the risk of diabetes since 2014.

Football Fans in Training (FFIT) is aimed at men between the ages of 35 and 65 who have a waist size of 38 inches or more. Those eligible are encouraged to undertake a 13-week lifestyle programme that aims to help them to make healthier choices to improve their health and increase physical activity.

The men will participate in 12 weekly training sessions held at The Valley to educate them on healthier eating whilst also taking part in exercise sessions which are aimed at improving their overall health by increasing fitness, strength and flexibility; this will help get the men up to the current recommendations for physical activity, which is 30 minutes of moderate activity on most days of the week.

By the end of the programme, men should hopefully feel empowered to make healthier choices within their diet, which should help to achieve the recommended levels for weight loss, or 45-60 minutes of moderate activity on most days of the week.

CACT’s new FFIT programme starts on 18 June 2018 and if you’re interested in taking part, please get in touch with the Live Well Greenwich Line on 0800 470 4831.

To find out more about men’s health at CACT, please contact the Live Well Greenwich Line on 0800 470 4831.

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