Castore invites affiliated teams to Charlton Athletic match

Castore table with CBT

As part of the Castore kit launch this summer, representatives from each of Charlton Athletic Community Trust’s (CACT)affiliated teams – Charlton Upbeats, Charlton Athletic Ability Counts FC, Power Chair Football and CACT Invicta – were invited along to the photoshoot to model the new kit alongside the men’s and women’s first team, and academy players.  

Following the launch, Castore kindly invited a representative from each team - Asa Hems from Power Chair Football, Danny Mardell from the Upbeats, Felicity Lewis from Ability Counts and Colin Ginnaw from Invicta - to enjoy a Club 1905 table and Directors’ Box seats for last Tuesday’s game at The Valley. The participants were also lucky enough to meet Charlton Athletic player Corey Blackett-Taylor who stopped by the table to meet and present them with a range of Castore gifts.

With the help of his family, Danny raised an incredible £3,510 for the Upbeats programme when he took part in the latest Upbeats Walk in April. As a thank you for his efforts, Danny was invited along to represent the Upbeats.

The Charlton Upbeats programme for young people and adults with Down’s syndrome specialises in providing a progressive and safe environment for players of all ages to reach their full potential.

Asa is a member of the Power Chair Football Club run in conjunction with the South London Special League with CACT staff helping to deliver regular sessions and tournaments. 

Ability Counts FC is a pan-disability club which has been running since 2005 under the umbrella of CACT’s affiliated teams. It provides hundreds of children and adults with the opportunity to take part in weekly football sessions at the Training Ground and matches in the Kent Pan-Disability League. 

Now aged 12, Felicity has been part of Ability Counts for a number of years. She and her mother Kate are long-standing Covered End season ticket holders.

Last night, Ability Counts goalkeeper Jack Bennett also enjoyed the opportunity to be the first person to debut Castore’s kit for affiliated teams. Jack received the brand new kit on behalf of affiliated teams ahead of his weekly Ability Counts session as a thank you for his participation in the launch during the summer. Now 24, Jack has a family link to Charlton going back to his great-great grandfather.

After receiving his kit, Jack said:

“I’m really pleased to be able to put on the new Castore kit. It’s really nice and I can’t wait to see all of the Ability Counts teams in their new kit!”

Trevor Bennett, Ability Counts FC’s Manager, said:

“It's a very exciting time for all the players at Charlton Athletic Ability Counts as they all look forward to wearing the new Community Trust kit and tracksuits. They can't wait to try in on and wear it in their monthly tournaments.”

Invicta is CACT’s LGBTQ+ friendly team which prides itself on being inclusive of everyone. Tuesday night was Charlton Athletic’s dedicated Rainbow Laces game, promoting LGBTQ+ inclusivity within sport. Colin Ginnaw, who attended on the night, is Invicta’s Treasurer and Co-Manager.

Carl Krauhaus, CACT’s Head of Early Help & Prevention, said:

“We’re grateful to Castore for this fantastic opportunity for a representative from each of our affiliated teams to be able to enjoy hospitality at last Tuesday’s game.

“It was great for all our affiliated teams to be included in the Club’s kit launch this summer, and I’m particularly pleased for Jack Bennett who has also been chosen to be presented with the kit on behalf of all our affiliated teams.”

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