Charlton Invicta and Millwall Romans meet for the first time in historic south London derby

Charlton Invicta recently hosted Millwall Romans at the club's training ground for the first ever competitive game between the two LGBTQI+ teams formally affiliated to professional clubs.

On 31 July, Invicta will compete in the GFSN Championship Final.

Charlton Invicta hosted Millwall Romans at the club’s training ground on Sunday for the first ever competitive game between two LGBTQ+ teams formally affiliated to professional football clubs.

Initially founded as London Romans, Millwall Romans became formally affiliated to Millwall Community Trust in July 2020, three years after Invicta with Charlton Athletic Community Trust (CACT). 

Commercial Director Wayne Mumford attended Sunday’s game alongside the club’s head of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion, Dr Michael Seeraj, and spoke to Charlton Invicta before the kick-off.

 He said: “I enjoyed going along and meeting the team on Sunday, to be part of another historic first for the club. It was great to see representatives from Charlton and Millwall standing side-by-side to promote equality. 

“Charlton has a long, proud history of tackling discrimination and promoting equality. We were delighted to win the Football v Homophobia club award this season. It is a testament to the great work we have been doing as a club working with our LGBTQI+ supporters’ group, the Proud Valiants, and Charlton Invicta.”

Charlton Invicta Manager Gary Ginnaw said: “The day showcased the support for LGBTQ+ equality and inclusion by two leading clubs and foundations - Charlton Athletic, CACT, Millwall and Millwall Community Trust. 

“Both clubs are tackling the issue of homophobia, biphobia and transphobia in football head on with the support of their LGBTQ+ inclusive football teams. 

“Invicta is more than just a football team and it’s bigger than just what happens on the pitch on a Sunday afternoon. It’s a community built on social inclusion and support. It’s about giving people the opportunity to play football in a safe, friendly and welcoming environment. It’s about it ensuring people can always turn up and be their authentic self.”

Both sides took the knee before kick-off to show support in the fight against racism and all forms of discrimination, with Millwall Romans ending the game 2-0 victors.

Read more about the club’s equality, diversity and inclusion consultation framework by clicking here.

The framework comes after a recent EFL review of the club’s EDI work, which highly commended Charlton’s commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion work.

The final EFL report concluded that: “Charlton Athletic FC is to be congratulated; this is a strong [Equality] code of practice submission, which demonstrates equality leadership. 

“The organisation has demonstrated commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion work and this is evident through all sections of the football club.”

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