GALLERY | When the Charlton Upbeats met the men's first team

Charlton players and Upbeats celebrate together

Charlton men's first team players joined the Charlton Upbeats for training on Saturday.

Manager Ben Garner explained: "We went across to the Upbeats this afternoon and it was fantastic. I met [Charlton Upbeat] Jonathan West at the Community Trust awards last week and said, ‘as soon as we get a Saturday, when we can, we’ll pop over and see them train’.

"I don’t think he believed me but we surprised them today and it was fantastic for all the players, not just the Upbeats players, but how much our players enjoyed it. It was really great to go and do and, again, it shows what a great football club Charlton is and how much it means to everyone."

Supporters can view a selection of photos from the day below...

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