Garner: "We can build on that"

Charlton Manager Ben Garner at the Marbella Football Center

Ben Garner was left encouraged by his side's display in their pre-season opener against Kilmarnock on Friday.

The Addicks concluded their seven-day training camp in Estepona with a bright showing against Kilmarnock in what was the Scottish Premiership side's fourth pre-season outing.

Kyle Lafferty's second-half goal earned Killie a narrow triumph.

Read on for the full transcript of the Manager's post-match interview with CharltonTV...

Ben, it's the first one of pre-season out of the way. It's always nice to get that first 45 minutes into the lads, isn't it?

"Very much so. It's been a perfect week to be honest. We've had a good week of training - it's been really positive in terms of team bonding and togetherness. We've come through with every player getting 45 minutes and no injuries, so a perfect week."

Obviously we've lost the game but really at this stage of pre-season, or any stage of pre-season, it really doesn't matter. You spoke about introducing new philosophies and we have seen a little bit of that today. Are you pleased with what you saw from that point of view?

"It's early days. You can't expect too much too soon but there's some elements there that were really, really pleasing. There were lots of positives in the game, both from individual points of view and also collectively, so that's a really good start. I'm really happy with that and I think that's what we can now build on into the rest of pre-season."

Kilmarnock are way into their pre-season campaign and had a lot of senior players playing out there in both halves of the game. We might have lost it but as we say positives, positives, positives at this stage...

"Exactly that. For where they are - three weeks in and I think they've got their league cup game next week, so the fact that we, fitness-wise, looked as good as them - there were certainly no issues on that front. And some of the elements of play were really, really pleasing, so it's a good start and something to build on. We can go home and have a little rest over the weekend and build into next week."

Do we now step those minutes up when we go to Dartford next week? Is it just another week of building those minutes?

"The intensity of training and the volume of training will go up next week, as will the minutes in games. I always think when we get the base, which we've got now; we've got a good base level of fitness, we've got a good foundation to build from. And that's a really good point because then you can now add on top, we can be a bit more intense with what we want to do and we can start adding more elements in that we want to work on. They will work hard in these next two, three weeks, that's for sure."

From a personal point of view it's been a bit of a whirlwind summer... is it nice just to get that first game under you belt as Charlton Manager?

"It's been a great week. I've really enjoyed it, I've enjoyed being at the club so far and getting to know the staff, getting to know the players this week. We've got a lot of hard work in which has been positive. It's nice to have that first game under the belt, but most importantly no injuries which is always the golden rule number one with that first game. I'm very happy and now we can look to step things on a little bit."

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