National Walking Month Returns!

How quickly the year has gone that National Walking Month has started.

Run by Living Streets every year, National Walking Month aims to get people out and about, feeling fitter, brighter, connected and feeling the burn, throughout the whole of May.

In conjunction with Royal Borough of Greenwich and Charlton Athletic Community Trust, Greenwich Get Walking will be continuing with their regular weekly walking sessions, but will also be holding some great special events. 

There will be lots of theme throughout May, with ‘Get Walking Week’, ‘Mental Health Awareness Week’, ‘Walk to School Week’, ‘Arts and Activities Week’, and ‘Family Week’.

In ‘Get Walking Week’ we will be encouraging people to come and try one of the borough’s 13 weekly or monthly health walks

We’re kicking off Metal Health Awareness Week on the 8th of May, Greenwich Get Walking will be launching their partnership with Cruse Bereavement care with the fortnightly Greenwich Cruse Stroll & Café where those suffering with a bereavement can go to walk and talk to those in a similar situation, we will be leading a Mindfulness walk, helping those taking part to be more aware of their surrounding and subsequently improving mental wellbeing, and we’ll also be walking on the 10th of May to celebrate our Adult with Learning Disability Volunteer Walk Leader, Mark, who completed his Walk leader training earlier in the year.

Later in the month, we are inviting people to take part in our Sketch Walks, Photography Walks and even a walking quiz!

To find out more about the activities taking part in National Walking Month, Call us free on 0800 096 5436 or visit the Greenwich Get Active website to view the schedule.

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