Perform 2018 finalist takes on CACT's NCS programme

“I'm honestly so thankful for CACT because they provide amazing opportunities for young people to get involved in.”

Widening her experience across Charlton Athletic Community Trust (CACT), 15-year-old Demi is building on her skills before taking her next steps into sixth form. After entering the Perform 2018 talent competition, she then went on to explore the National Citizen Service (NCS) also delivered by CACT. 

Here’s what Demi had to say about her experience.

How did you find out about the NCS Programme?

NCS came to my school and I was very interested so I decided to do it.

Why did you want to get involved? 

I wanted to get involved to obviously have fun but to also meet new friends which I have.

What did you enjoy most about the programme?

I really enjoyed the first week away because it was very fun and enjoyable and really pushed my limits.

How did you find the NCS staff?

The NCS staff were very lovely and very understanding. 

Tell us more about your chosen Social Action project?  

Our social action project was to raise awareness of mental health and raised money for the Mind charity. We did this because we know the current stereotypes around mental health and wanted to make a change.

How was your ‘Dragon’s Den’ style presentation?

I feel like our presentation went well and we managed to get really good feedback from the panel.

Why should other young people try out the NCS programme with CACT?

Others should do NCS because they will truly have the time of their life learning new skills and meeting new people.

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You were also a finalist at Perform 2018. Were you nervous when you auditioned in front of the judges?

I was very nervous but when I got into it I loved every moment of it and wanted to do it all again [Demi laughs]! 

How did you find your overall Perform experience?

It was such a good experience! I really learnt how to perform in front of an audience. I definitely would do it again!

CACT delivers a range of programmes for the community including Young Greenwich and NCS and Fundraising events like the 25th Anniversary Concert. How do you feel about being a part of two very popular projects?

I'm honestly so thankful for CACT because they provide amazing opportunities for young people to get involved in.

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