Reducing air pollution in Royal Greenwich

Air pollution affects everyone, but older people, children and those with heart and lung conditions are most affected by what is a huge national problem, which causes more than 500,000 premature deaths across Europe annually.

Air pollution comes from a variety of different sources. The main pollutants that affect us are carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, sulphur dioxide, hydrocarbons and lead. These pollutants originate from several places, ranging from people’s homes to the cars they drive.

Healthy individuals are less likely to notice effects of air pollution, but long-term exposure can have an effect later on in life.

Air pollution can vary depending on the weather and the seasons, which is why it is important to monitor the levels of air pollution in the areas in which you live and work, especially if you have a condition that can be worsened by high air pollution levels.

Charlton Athletic Community Trust (CACT) delivers the Low Emission Neighbourhood in Greenwich Peninsula and West wards on behalf of the Royal Borough of Greenwich, supporting residents to walk and cycle more.

Keep up to date with air quality notifications through AirTEXT, a free service for members of the public to assess air pollution levels in their local area.

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