Roe: "For us to be able to give back it’s just amazing"

Beth Roe

As part of the EFL's Week of Action, Addicks full-back Beth Roe alongside Sean Clare visited Ravensworth Primary school to chat to the pupils about their future goals and ambitions as well as their favourite books! Roe chatted with enthusiasm about the importance of community presence: 

“Kindly enough the school has invited us down to talk to the kids about reading and how important that is and also for them to ask us some questions about it, so it’s been nice to come down and speak to some of the kids.”

The 23-year-old was tasked with bringing a book that’s important to her, explaining her book of choice she said:

 “It’s ‘The Legacy’ of the ‘all blacks’ and for me, it’s just about the small little details and how those small things are sometimes the biggest things in sport and just really trusting in that. And for me that book was just about how when things go wrong, they rebuilt everything and yeah it was a really strong book.”

Roe was quick to point out the importance of school visits and the effect they have on the students: 

"You know, there are so many little kids, boys, girls who love sport and for us to be able to give back it’s just amazing. For them to see us in here speaking and chatting it gives them someone to look up to, especially the ones who probably don’t know anything about us but maybe they enjoy football, and they want to get involved...this just shows them that they can actually achieve their goals because we’ve been in the same situations that they have too."

Speaking about the importance of having aspirations and goals of your own she said:

 “It gives you goals and ambitions growing up and knowing kind of what you want to do and the drive it gives you. But also, not knowing what you want to be is totally ok as well because as you grow up you find your own path.

“But as you get older you might change and that’s ok. It’s just about understanding that’s where your enjoyment is and as soon as you find that thing that you love just go with it.”

Attention now shifts to the weekend as Charlton gear up to host Lews in the Barclays Women's Championship: 

“I think we’re quite grounded we know it’s one game at a time. And yes, we’re on a six-game winning streak but at the end of the day we just focus on what’s in front of us and that’s Lewes this weekend. So the main priority is getting the prep done on the pitch and just focusing on that.

“We know Lewes are a good side we don’t underestimate them. We just have to focus on what our strengths are on and off the pitch and just go with that.”

The game against Lewes marks the beginning of Charlton’s ‘Football V Homophobia’ week and Roe was keen to point out its significance in the footballing world:

 “Football, as time and generations have gone on has changed massively and for people to come in and feel themselves that’s what football is about.

" ‘Football V Homophobia’ is just massive for people in the sport to know to just be who you are and know that you are accepted.”

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