Start the new year right – join our FIT FANS programme!

CACT is running the FIT FANS programme once again.

Aimed at men and women aged 35-65, the programme will be running in venues across the Royal Borough of Greenwich.

Join our programme today!

FIT FANS is a project designed to support men and women aged between 35 to 65 who want to live a healthier lifestyle. The new cohort of FIT FANS, led by the English Football League Trust, is starting on 17 January.  

When you hear about FIT FANS, most people wonder if they need to be a Charlton fan, or even a football fan, or if they are going to have to follow a regimented fitness routine or strict diet. 

The short answer to these questions is no. Hundreds of men and women have changed their lifestyles through the FIT FANS course. 

FIT FANS is a 12-week programme that teaches its participants how to make simple but effective changes in their lives. Each week there is a two-hour workshop and exercise class that teaches you how each of these changes is important and the beneficial impact it will have on you and your health. 

Throughout the course, participants meet, work on their fitness together, and encourage each other. Once the course finishes, they have the tools to succeed and achieve even greater goals long term. Some have gone on to be involved with other Charlton Athletic Community Trust (CACT) programmes; like a few who now regularly attend Walking Football

One participant who lost over a stone and a half throughout the duration of the course said:  

“The reason I’ve done well is because it’s not a diet, and I don’t feel pressured and judged by everyone else if I don’t lose anything one week, it’s all about understanding how to eat healthier and move more, that’s it.” 

CACT’s FIT FANS Programme Co-ordinator, Matt Phillips said: 

“This programme really is for everyone, and it’s so great to have supported someone to the point where they have reached a milestone in their journey. I find a real sense of achievement in sharing in other people’s joy and successes when they achieve something they didn’t think they could.” 

This next cohort has daytime and evening sessions in venues across the Royal Borough of Greenwich from 17 January. To join the course, you need to be aged 35-65, and have a waist size of either 31+ inches for women and 38+ inches for males.  

If your New Year’s resolution is to get fit and healthy, this is the programme for you! 

For more information about the FIT FANS programme, email or call the Live Well Greenwich Line on 0800 470 4831. 

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