Storrie on takeover update and his remit


Fan Advisers Lucy Bishop and Lewis Catt had an introductory meeting with the club’s CEO Peter Storrie on Thursday to discuss issues moving forwards.

The below points were discussed at the meeting which was also attended by the club’s Head of Communications Tom Rubashow.

Update on takeover

LC asked for an update on where the club is on the takeover situation.

PS said as far as he is aware, the issue with Charlie Methven/SE7 Partners is between that group and Thomas Sandgaard and, as both sides have stated publicly, will not impact Charlton Athletic and any sale of the club. He said what is going on with that therefore is outside of his remit and is a legal situation between the two parties.

He said in terms of the current potential takeover, he’s gone through takeovers in the past and they can drag on. He said it's going well at this moment in time but to put a timescale on it is very difficult with due diligence, EFL approvals etc but that he was quite confident it wouldn’t be too long.

He said he spoke to the players on Thursday and updated them on the current situation and the conversations he’s had with the potential new owners, which has all been very positive. He said the potential new owners want to try and get the club out of this division as quickly as possible. He said in League One you lose a lot of money and that is something that no one wants to do for too long. He said the ambition is to pull a squad together that is capable of having a very serious challenge next season. He said everyone knows there is no guarantees in football and League One and that it is a tough league to get out of, but he does feel the conversations have all been very positive towards having a real go next season.

LC asked about the potential new owners stance on The Valley and training ground, given the club is currently disconnected from them.

PS said the first item for the potential new owners is to get the deal done and take control of the club but that they are aware of the situation with The Valley and the training ground. He said there is a reasonable length to go on the lease with The Valley and the training ground, so it isn’t the number one priority as the number one priority for them is to get the takeover deal done.

LB said any new ownership should understand that the training ground and The Valley need to be back with the club and that supporters will need at least a plan to explain how that will be accomplished.

Dean Holden

Please note, Thursday's meeting was before Dean Holden signed a new three-year contract with the club on Saturday.

LC said he knows there have been talks between the club and DH but asked if any progress had been made. He said he felt DH had done a good job and getting a contract sorted would help the club’s planning for next season.

PS said the discussions have been ongoing with TS and DH’s agent and that they have been going well and progressing. He said he’s had a lot of conversations with DH about plans moving forward, as part of the planning documents that he has been preparing for next season, particularly for the potential new owners. He said supporters should “watch this space” regarding DH’s contract as a renewal hopefully isn’t too far away.

PS said he has been very impressed with DH. He said DH has done well with the squad in place and he likes his ideas and the discussions he’s had with him planning for next season. He said that DH will want to finish this season strongly.


PS explained he has come in for TS to restructure the club, have a look at the forecasts and where the club is going for the rest of this year, which he has done with the help of the team in place at the club. He said that process has finished. He said he is working with DH on what the squad will look like for next season. He said he has also been spending time with club staff on the due diligence for the potential new owners. He said that includes forecasts and budgets for next season and will depend on where they want to go once the takeover is completed.

He said because of what has happened at the club in the last few months there have been a lot of changes in terms of personnel. He said part of his role has been to try and settle that all down. He said with that in mind he has been doing weekly management meetings with all senior staff so that everyone is aware of what is going on in each department. He said when you are running a football club it is about staff making their own decisions. He said he’s not going to sit there and make every decision – he said his job is to oversee things and advise wherever he can but that he wants staff to take responsibility. He said he is happy everyone is working together and starting to move forward.

Season tickets

LC said he felt, without any change, this season’s season ticket push would be as challenging as it ever has been.

TR agreed there would be challenges. He said that work had begun on season tickets and that the club would work with supporters on the campaign.

PS said it is well known that the club is losing money and that there is even more of an issue moving forwards with inflation meaning that suppliers’ costs are going up, electricity bills going up substantially in October when the fixed price runs out and the upcoming increase in minimum wage. He said the club needs to increase the income in the club in all areas. He said the club needs to get bigger gates and in football that means improved results are needed. He said there are fans who will renew no matter what but the club needs to get more people through the gates. He said the club needs to increase the commercial side and partnerships and that with a fresh look at it all that the club can get people to come.

LC asked if there had been any discussions on areas in the stadium being closed for the 2023/24 season.

PS said there had previously been internal discussions but he has taken the view that while the club is going through a process of due diligence and a potential takeover, it would be negative of the club to close any areas and didn’t make sense so there won’t be any closures.

Fans’ Forum

PS felt it is important that he attends the next Fans’ Forum, which was initially set for Thursday, March 16th. He explained he was unable to make that date because of an already scheduled booking. He offered to do Monday, March 13th but it was agreed it would make most sense to postpone one week until Thursday, March 23rd.

PS ended the meeting by asking the Fan Advisers about things they felt were wrong at the club currently and how the club could improve moving forwards.

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