Captain Jackson gives an honest assessment following Shrewsbury defeat

George Jones reports
Johnnie Jackson gave an honest assessment to the press following Tuesday night’s 4-3 defeat against Shrewsbury Town. 
The reverse, in which Ricky Holmes netted a hat-trick, was the Addicks’ third in a row and club captain Jackson says that his side have been nowhere near good enough of late.
He said: “I don’t think we can keep losing like this and then roll out the narrative that everyone is doing their best and trying their hardest because we’ve got too good players to keep producing what is going on. 
“Obviously, we’re falling short somewhere – whether it’s mentally or physically on the pitch or both. I think we’re showing a fragile side of ourselves mentally where we’re conceding so many goals in quick succession in games. 
“Going from leading 2-1 to losing 3-2 in five minutes shows a fragile nature in us. I can only speak for myself, in far of what it means to play for this club, but sometimes it’s not enough or there’s not enough of us that feel that way. Maybe it’s reflected in performances.”
The Addicks travel to Northampton Town on Saturday afternoon and Jackson says that his side are in desperate need of the three points.
He said: “We need to start winning, it’s as simple as that. A few weeks ago we were looking up and thinking can we sneak into that six. Now you’re asking me if we need to be worried about what’s below us. 
“What we need to worry about is the next game and getting a win. And then the game after that and the game after that, and getting to a points total that’s going to mean that we're fine.  
“Then, we’re playing for the future. At the moment, it’s about the next game and we’ve got to do something different to what we did on Tuesday and the games before that. 
“We prepare right, we’re given all the tools to go out and win games. There’s a game plan to win it but we don’t implement it on the pitch.
“That’s three loses on the bounce and that's nowhere near good enough for the player’s that we’ve got at this club. It’s not good enough.”

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