PROSTATE CANCER UK | Leaburn fighting for family on 146-mile cycle to Amsterdam

George Jones reports

Player Liaison Officer Tracey Leaburn and other members of Charlton staff will be cycling 146 miles from London to Amsterdam in June to raise money and awareness for Prostate Cancer UK.

Riding 80 miles on day one and 76 miles on day two, the Addicks’ team - as well as hundreds of others from the football community – will cross over to the continent in aid of the EFL’s official charity partner.

One in eight men will get Prostate Cancer and that statistic increases to one in four in black men. The Leaburn family have experienced that first hand and Tracey is determined to help fight the disease.

“My granddad had it, my dad past away from it and what my dad went through when he was suffering with it, I wouldn’t wish upon anybody,” she said.

“It’s hereditary and I will do anything to try and prevent my brother and other family members from contracting this illness.”

Tracey, wife of Addicks legend Carl Leaburn, began her training recently as she strives to build up to the 146-mile distance.

“Training is very hard!” Leaburn joked. “I’ve never done anything like this before but I have set my mind on it and any spare minute I get, I’m getting on the bike.

“It’s going well and I just need to keep focused on it. I’ll have my dad with me, so when the pain is really bad I’ll just need to remember what cause we are raising money for.

“Anything we can do to stop someone else from going through the heartache of it will be well worth it.”

Tracey and her Addicks teammates all have just giving pages and fans can show their support for them by clicking here

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