AWAY GUIDE | The Checkatrade Stadium


Just over 300 tickets had been sold by the time they went off sale last week. Available on the night, there is a choice of seating or standing with all tickets priced: 

Adult: £10

Over 65s: £5

U21s: £5

U11s: £1


Our first competitive fixture at Crawley sees us housed primarily behind the goal in the KR-L Stand - a mostly-covered terrace, while a number of seats are also available in the West Stand. 

It's a pretty compact place but serves its purpose and not quite in the middle of nowhere.

The view is fine and within close proximity of the pitch.

The seated area in the stand is pole free, unlike its counterpart on the opposite side.


The food in the ground is fine and varied with all the usual fare on offer. 

There is a McDonals close by and there are a few places nearby to grab a bite. This includes Redz Bar at the ground itself, which had a bit of a lounge feel to it and is more than adequate and friendly. The nearest pub is the Half Moon on the main Brighton Road which is en route from the station to the ground or a quick nip below the underpass below the adjacent main trunk road from the ground. The town has a few decent places while you can buy alcohol inside the ground.


"Just aim for the big football and you're there," a local told me. This was a tad confusing, but all became apparent. If driving, take the M23 south, then post-Gatwick leave the M23 at Junction 11, then do a right onto the A23 towards Crawley. 

Simply stick with this and you will indeed find a roundabout - with a massive red and white football in the midst. Do a left and there is the ground. 

It does have its own car park, but prior to the giant football is the Broadfield Park Business Centre which offers free parking. The Post Code is RH11 9RX.

As for the trains, due to the disintegration of services in and out of London, it may prove a bit more time-consuming. In theory, there are trains there and back from both London Bridge and Victoria. Upon arrival, it is possible to walk it if you fancy traversing dual carriageways, but the best bets are either a cab and maybe an advanced return booking, or the number 10 bus from the town. Just get off by the big red and white football!

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