AWAY GUIDE | Sixfields Stadium

Heading to Northampton on Good Friday? Here's what to expect from an away day at Sixfields Stadium...


Over 1,100 tickets have been snapped up, but the club have been informed by Northampton Town that tickets will not be available on the day.


Firstly, Friday's game will see Northampton Town commemorate the 100th anniversary of the passing of one of their most famous sons in the form of Walter Tull, who seems like quite an amazing man, and Charlton supporters are invited to attend a short service of remembrance outside the ground at 2pm.

Sixfields Stadium is still perceived as relatively new, but they have been there for quite a while now. It is totally functional, pretty much what you would expect, a slight quirk being that you descend into it as opposed to it just being at immediate ground level. We are predominantly situated behind the goal in the Moulton College Stand and again is pretty much what you would expect. The view is fine, enter via a walkway at the front and it is envisaged it will be take your pick. The legroom isn't great however, but on the whole not a bad experience.

We will also have fans situated at one end of the Family Stand along the side of the pitch, to the right of the Moulton College Stand as you look at the pitch.

Food and Refreshments

Food available inside and outside the ground obviously, but it is dry for away supporters. Out of town equals retail park equals again, exactly what you would expect, with all of the fast food chains present along withn ther usual sit down suspects, although The Bella Italia looked quite nice from the outside looking in. The nearby ten pin bowling alley has a bar whilst there is a pub quite close to this which is fine. Similarly, just down the road is The Sixfields Tavern, which can get a bit busy but is away friendly. At the ground is Carr's Bar which as a rule admits visiting fans, however don't take this as Gospel in the case of a large away following such as ours. There is a working men's club within walking distance too. There is far more variety within the town centre, although last season the O'Neill's in the heart of it was pleasantly surprising, spacious and good value. Lots of real ale pubs are dotted around so if you have a bit of time there is plenty of scope for a little explore. If you choose to walk to and from the station, there are a few places en route.


Very simple in theory if driving, though it is a Bank Holiday! The Post Code is NN5 5QA, simply take the M1 north, leave at Junction 15A and follow the A43 towards Northampton which takes you directly to the ground. Parking is available at Sixfields for a small fee, along with a couple of independent places, but whatever you do avoiud parking at the retail park.

Trains are surprisingly frequent for a Bank Holiday from London, although getting there could be more of an obstacle. Journey time with West Midlands Trains is around 50 minutes to one hour, the downside being that with the ground being out of town the station is a fair old trot, so the obvious option is a taxi with ranks both outside the station and in the town centre. Alternatively, the number 15 bus does take you to the ground, but again, Bank Holiday and that. The walk is long but relatively straightforward, last season it was a case of walk through the town and keep going, similarly after the game, turn right from our end, then left and just aim at the town centre - no doubt a great many will have a phone to direct them - aim for Edgar Mobbs Way and you've pretty much done it.

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