STEP BY STEP | How to purchase for Charlton's play-off home leg (08/05/18)

Tickets for the home leg of Charlton’s play-off semi-final against Shrewsbury Town on Thursday, May 10th are now on sale to ALL Addicks supporters and below is a step-by-step guide for purchasing them online. 

In advance, tickets for the match are being sold online through Ticketmaster. Please click here to read the latest selling information. 

Full full home leg ticket information, please click here.



Supporters should then either register a new account by clicking in the top right-hand corner or, if they are on Charlton’s ticketing database, they can activate an account.

Fans on Charlton’s ticketing database are welcome to register new accounts, if they would prefer to purchase this way. Please scroll below for instructions on how to activate an account. 

Once registered, fans should scroll to the bottom of the page. In the bottom right-hand corner, select ‘Find tickets’. 

Supporters will then be directed to a stadium map of The Valley. From here, fans can click on the block of the stand they wish to sit in for the match. Once fans have clicked on their desired block, they can select the seat or seats they wish to purchase. 

Available seats are indicated by the blue circles. Grey circles are seats that have already been purchased. 

Once fans have clicked on a seat, they must select the correct age category. Once an age category has been selected, the seat will be added to your basket. 

Fans can purchase a maximum of six seats. Season ticket holders or Valley Gold members who have already bought seats can also increase their number of seats purchased up to six.  

Once fans have added the seats they wish to purchase to their baskets, they should then select ‘Buy tickets’ in the bottom-right hand corner. They will then be directed to their basket. 

After checking that all seats are correct in the basket, fans should scroll to the bottom of the page and select ‘Proceed to checkout’. 

Fans will then need to select debit or credit card and then enter their card details. 

Once all information has been entered, fans should select ’Review order’. 

Once the review order page has loaded, supporters should once again check all of their details. They must also agree to the club’s play-off terms and conditions by ticking the relevant box and then can complete their purchase by clicking the red button in the bottom right-hand corner. 

Supporters will receive a confirmation email once their transaction has been complete. This email will contain a PDF file which will be supporters’ e-tickets. This or these must be printed off and brought to The Valley on the day of the game to gain entry to the match.  


All Charlton supporters on the club’s ticketing database can activate a Ticketmaster account by using their Charlton Client Reference Number. This number is displayed on season tickets and also should have been emailed to supporters over the weekend. 


After clicking on the link above, fans should then select ‘Sign in’ in the top right-hand corner of the screen. After clicking ‘Sign in, a small dropdown menu will pop up and within this will be a link which it titled ‘Have an existing account? Activate it now’. Click this link. Supporters will then need to enter their Client Refence Number and surname. Then they should click ‘Find my account’. 

After clicking ‘Find my account’, supporters will then need to enter an email address and create a password. Fans’ passwords must be between 8-31 characters and use at least one capital letter and number. 

Fans’ personal details should be automatically inserted by Ticketmaster. However, fans will need to enter their date of birth and verify the rest of their details and personal information. 

Once all of the relevant information has been inserted, fans should select complete registration. 

After registration is complete, fans should receive a confirmation email and they will now be able to log in to their account and purchase tickets. Supporters must use the email address and password that they have set to log into their accounts.

Read Time: 4 mins