Jackson and Solly get their first correct scoreline at FIFA World Cup

Johnnie Jackson and Chris Solly have taken an early lead in our Charlton FIFA World Cup predictions game, with the duo both having correctly guessed that Croatia would beat Nigeria 2-0 on Saturday night. 

The spot-on prediction earns them an additional three points - as well as the one point they receive for correctly predicting the outcome of the match. 

They both now sit on eight points at the top of the league table, ahead of Addicks legend Keith Peacock, Valley Pass commentator Terry Smith and women’s team captain Kim Dixson. 

Throughout the competition, the quintet will be guessing the scorelines of all the matches and on Sunday there are three games for the group to think about. 

First, Costa Rica play Serbia at 1pm UK time, before current world champions Germany play Mexico at 4pm. At 7pm, favourites Brazil take on Switzerland. 

Today’s predictions are available to view below:

Costa Rica v Serbia

Jackson: 1-1

Solly: 1-2

Peacock: 1-0

Smith: 1-1

Dixson: 1-1

Germany v Mexico

Jackson: 2-0

Solly: 2-1

Peacock: 2-0

Smith: 3-0

Dixson: 2-1

Brazil v Switzerland

Jackson: 4-1

Solly: 4-0

Peacock: 2-0

Smith: 3-1

Dixson: 3-1

Read Time: 1 mins