Bowyer on impressive Lapslie, transfer deadline day and Patrick Bauer

Charlton Athletic caretaker boss Lee Bowyer spoke to to discuss the final week before the permanent transfer window closes on Thursday.

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On taking positives from Saturday…

"George Lapslie made his first [league] start for the first team and what a place to go and do it. It was good for him, I thought he did well. He handled it well, he did himself no harm, he should be proud of his performance.

"To concede like we did at the end, we didn’t deserve to lose that game, so the lads are in good spirits because they know the situation and the way things are at the moment. They know that once we start getting a few more bodies back in and a few more bodies through the door that things will be changing." 

On prepping for transfer deadline day…

"It has to be positive. It’s difficult as we have a budget and we want to bring in the best players we can. That’s why I am here now, it’s 4pm and after this I’ll be going up there [back to my office] and watching more clips and speaking to more agents because we want to bring in the best players we can who are best for the team. It’s a long season and at this time things have to be done right. 

"The top, top ones [players] are not really in our budget but they might become in our budget the longer we wait. Do you take a gamble and take a more average player or do you sit it out and hope that you won’t get this player today but in a week’s time you might be able to get him? Obviously for the permanents Thursday is the last day but we’re looking at the bigger picture as well. 

On Patrick Bauer…

"Nothing has really changed regarding Pat. I’ve spoken to him myself. Steve Gallen (chief scout) has been in contact with his agent constantly. Obviously, Blackburn keep coming in and there is back and forth regarding Pat and the situation but it ain’t changed and it ain’t going to change. It disappoints me because he’s been badly advised to go and put something out on social media and it’s wrong. Verbally he has been offered a contract and his advisor said ‘No, Pat’s not interested in a new deal and he won’t sign a new deal’. Pat’s even said that in his own little statement that he won’t be signing a new deal. So it has been verbal, has it been written down, an offer? No, because there is no point writing it down if the agent is saying ‘no, he’s not interested anyway’. 

“I understand Pat’s frustration. He’s a good player, that’s why Blackburn are interested in him and that’s why we don’t want to lose him because he’s important for us in our promotion this year, so why would we want to let him go? We’d be crazy to let him go and the owner recognises that and that’s why he said ‘no’ to their offer, or two or three offers, or however many they’ve made. He’s important to us. He’s a good player and a good lad. I know he hasn’t done this to be spiteful but I just think the timing of it with all the injuries and other things going on around the club, I just don’t think the timing is good. It disappoints me but I know this isn’t coming from Pat, I know he’s a good lad.” 

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