Academy youngsters go rock climbing to test resilience


Charlton's U18s went rock climbing last week, as part of a range of activities to help develop the stars of tomorrow.

Last month the group went boxing, with the aim of these activities being to see how the young players will perform and react while being in a different environment and having to overcome different situations away from the football pitch. 

Head of Academy Education Joe Francis explained: “The primary objective is to test the players' resilience, by putting them in unfamiliar and uncomfortable situations where there is some risk and see how they respond.”

Francis described the environment: “It was absolutely fantastic, an outstanding facility and a great environment and it is important as it’s in our local area and the staff were great.”

It was a new experience for most of the players, using the facilities at Sutcliffe Park in Greenwich, by the end the players had overcome another difficult activity and demonstrated great resilience. 

Francis added: “The boys loved the activity, lots of laughter, they overcame some fears of heights. This is where the team bonding came in, as they helped each other through it while also supporting and trusting each other. The most important being trusting yourself.”

Article by Filipe Gaspar

Read Time: 1 mins