Bowyer on speculation linking him with QPR, his Charlton contract and focusing on Plymouth

Charlton boss Lee Bowyer spoke to the press ahead of Saturday’s game against Plymouth Argyle.

The full press conference will be on Valley Pass shortly.

Below are some of the talking points from his press conference.

On speculation linking him to QPR…

“I think it’s all speculation. I’ve not spoken to anybody from QPR. I don’t know where it has come from but it is what it is. That’s what happens in football. If you’re doing well then you get linked to other jobs that’s what happens. If there is any truth behind it then it shows that we are doing well. I think that’s a credit to everybody at the football club.”

On a new contract offer from Charlton…

“I received an email last night. If I’m honest I don’t really understand it. I think Richard Murray will be in today so I’ll go through it with Richard because it’s a bit different to a normal contract that I’ve seen before.” 

On the work his coaching team has done…

“I think we’ve all done a good job so far. It hasn’t changed Jacko (Johnnie Jackson), Marsh (Andy Marshall), Steve Gallen, I think we’ve all worked hard to improve the club. I think the club is definitely moving in the right direction, so I can’t see why they wouldn’t want to keep us all on. It would be crazy if not, I can’t see there being any problems.” 

On his focus…

“All I’ve done since the start of the week is focus on Saturday’s game. That’s my job, that’s what I’m paid to do. Nothing has changed in my eyes. Tuesday I came in training like normal and went and watched the U23s game. Then on the way home I was trying to prepare with Lieven (De Turck) and see the budget for our pre-season tour. Nothing has changed, I’ve been at home watching Plymouth, I watched three games of theirs, my job is to win games here and nothing has changed there.”

The full press conference will be on Valley Pass shortly.

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