Cody Austin Floyd Carey - A Charlton fan with a very Charlton name...

CAFC. A chant bellowed out by The Valley faithful on match-day as the initials of Charlton Athletic Football Club. And to one family those initials mean a little more...

When Charlton fan Richard and his wife Marilyn Carey welcomed their son Cody into the world, they decided to give him a very Charlton name. Cody Austin Floyd Carey shares the same initials with the football club and also includes the name of the road The Valley is situated on, Floyd Road.

Marilyn spoke to about the name.

"Richard has a season ticket and was taken as a small child by his grandfather, along with his brother, and has remained a loyal and committed fan, going to home and away games through good and bad. 

"Both of us have had a lot of health issues so when Cody was born healthy we were so relieved and felt so blessed, Richard was so proud that he went a few days later to have C.A.F.C tattooed on him with the double meaning of his sons initials and the club he loves so much.

"One of the things I know Richard can't wait to do is take Cody with him to every game, he's been to one and has all the kit."

Marilyn and Richard both hope that Cody grows up loving the club and will continue on the legacy of supporting Charlton the same way as generations of his family have before him.

Marilyn and Cody were unable to attend the play-off final at Wembley but were watching from back in Greenwich.

"I went with Cody to The Lost Hour pub in Greenwich to watch it whilst Richard was there in person, we couldn't all afford to go. It was such a great day!"

We hope to see Cody cheering on the Addicks in the Championship next season!

Charlton season tickets are back on sale and for a limited time the club are offering Championship football at League One pricing.

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