Fans' Forum notes - June 2019


A full meeting of the Charlton Athletic Fans' Forum took place at The Valley last week.

Initial notes on the takeover were published following the meeting and can be seen here.

There was a mistake in the translation of the initial notes from Wednesday’s meeting.

The line: 

The average Championship club loses around £15m a year which is not sustainable, each season ticket holder costs the club £1,000.

Should have been translated as:

The average Championship club loses around £15m a year which equates to £1,000 per season ticket holder. 

Other topics discussed included Wembley, season tickets and live streaming. You can read the full notes here.

Lieven de Turck, who is representing the club in takeover talks, was unable to attend the meeting as he was busy with negotiations to sell the club. Fans representatives asked questions for him in the meeting and you can read his responses here.

The next Fans' Forum takes place at The Valley on September 25th. The Fans' Forum would like to invite two inidividual supporters, who don't normally attend, to come to the meeting. If you would like to attend please email

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