Bowyer on Championship aims and home support this season

Lee Bowyer sat down with for an in-depth interview during the club’s pre-season camp in Spain.

You can watch the interview, in full, for free below.

On making the step up to the Championship…

“I’m really confident. I’ve got a group of lads that are winners. Me and my staff are winners, with the fans behind us. They are going to play a massive part this year, especially at home. If they think that we needed them last year, then we’re definitely going to need them this year because it is going to be tough, I can’t deny that but I think we’ll be good, I honestly do. 

“I think the players we have, our mentality, our togetherness, our will to win and not give up, that plays so much. I can’t tell you how much that gets you points. It gets you wins and gets you draws when you’re losing, you dig in and keep going. It will be tough but I think we’ll be fine.”

On continuing on the atmosphere at home following the last game their against Doncaster…

“I would love to fill The Valley every week. Is it realistic? I don’t know, that’s out of my control. To have that place bouncing and experience it that way it was for the home tie against Doncaster, I’d love for that to happen all season. 

“Last season was a journey and I said from day one, ‘we’re all going to be on this journey, come and be on it’ and they did. I’m hoping that this is going to be a different type of journey. We’re not going to win as many games as we did last season, I’m a realist but it’s going to be good. We’re going to surprise teams and I want the fans to be part of this again because you never know what can happen in football. Crazy things can happen in football, I’m looking forward to it and I want them to be part of it. I’d love them to keep filling that Valley up.”

Charlton season tickets are back on sale and until July 8th the club are offering Championship football at League One pricing.

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